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Choices with Operating Systems

Vista Control Systems offers you the broadest operating system choices:

Our company believes that customers should make informed choices when defining systems. Vista Control Systems gives customers the widest choice of operating systems. For operating systems, the foundation of any application, the considerations include:

A search of two US government operating system vulnerability databases came up with:

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Choosing an operating system with proven vulnerabilities only increases the risk of expensive production interruptions.

Vista Control Systems gives you the broadest choice of operating system SCADA support.

IT Departments - the enemy of SCADA systems!

IT Departments assume all usage is either data center IT or desktop. Hence, night-time backups, updates, application loading, and reboots are assumed to be perfectly acceptable. The following is the result:

Sometimes people in the front office forget that money is made from product sales, and the product manufacturing depends on SCADA. Perhaps choosing a different operating system to the IT department favorite has another value in avoiding all of the above!

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