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Vsystem's Open Interfaces

ODBC - Connect to office applications

Generic database management systems (DBMSs)--such as MS Access, Excel, Visual Basic Apps, etc.--that use ODBC (open database connectivity) will connect to and query Vsystem databases and eventually Vlogger data.

The ODBC interface allows an application to access data from diverse DBMSs through a single interface, while remaining independent of these DBMSs.

You can use DBMSs to read live data from Vsystem databases on-line and Vlogger files. And, as always with Vsystem, the databases are not limited by platform.

JDBC - Incorporate Java Applications

JDBC can be used through the ODBC interface. Java contains a JDBC-ODBC interface allowing for Java programs to access Vlogger files and Vaccess database.

Java server - Incorporate Java Applications

Java is an object-oriented language that requires a new interface to Vaccess and Vlog files. Our Java interface will provide this, using an efficient Vsystem Java interface. As a result, users will be able to choose to implement their application code in Java. This Java interface will also be used to support our Vdraw/web connection (see below).

Vsystem will have the ability to display Vdraw .vcd (vista control display) files on the World Wide Web via Java. Users will be able to create and edit a .vcd file with the standard Vdraw program and then display it in active mode, either with Vdraw, using the native operating system graphics, or through a web browser.

Applications that use browsers to display data over the network allow almost any computer to access the system and see the data. Of course, the implementation can use file security and Vsystem security to restrict access to this data.


The Vsystem OPC server (as opposed to the OPC Scanner which is a client) provides other software packages access to Vsystem current data and will also accept set-points from the other package.

Programming API

The full API for Vsystem is documented and available in the standard package. In addition, the API's and Vsystem channels (tags) can be used to control the behavior of Vsystem components giving market-leading flexibility to implementers of applications.

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