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Picture your data. Our archiving tool, Vlogger, collects data from your vaccess database at specific time intervals, when channel values change, or on a trigger event. This data is then recorded to disk files. All three types of logging can be enabled or disabled by the use of a binary gate channel, allowing you to precisely control when or when not to archive data.

The Vlogger environment supports many Vlogger engines to run at the same time, each with their own settings, allowing great flexibility and efficiency. Data on different units of production can have their own Vlogger data files for post production analysis. This eases later retrieval when the unit number is part of the Vlogger filename. Selected Vlogger files can be viewed together as one file as though they were stored as a single file. Vlogger is also optimized for time-series data.

With Vlogger you can

Vlogger comes with its own full API, which allows application programs to both create and analyze archive files. Vlogger tasks run in a client-server environment, with management from any node in the network using graphical interface tools.

Our customers use Vlogger to capture data at very high speeds. They are able to maximize disk usage through our optional use of circular disk buffers and archive files. Vlogger allows users to examine their systems' efficiencies in great detail. Archived data can be used to isolate causes of process errors, identify process inefficiencies, and help identify the results of changes made to system parameters by enabling users to examine before and after archives, leading to process and quality improvement..

Some customers have developed extensive training and/or simulation systems with Vlogger. Actual plant data can be played back to nonproduction databases to offer realistic training scenarios. Customers have used Vlogger to record critical system parameters, such as the ramping of a furnace to a given temperature. Once these parameters have been accurately recorded, they have used this archived data for actual process control, thus giving them a way to precisely repeat a given sequence of events.

Vlogger comes complete with a variety of utilities for analyzing and manipulating archived data. With these tools, you can

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