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Vsystem Training Schedule

Vista offers comprehensive product training on a semi-annual basis. We believe that we offer the finest training available: our developers themselves conduct the training sessions. You learn how the software works directly from the people who wrote it.

We offer a five-day course, Using Vsystem Effectively, which provides the student with instruction in all of the Vsystem tools. These classes consist of lectures and a substantial amount of hands-on work using the Vsystem tools. During our courses, we provide ample opportunity to address specific points of interest to students in the class and we frequently tailor classes to spend additional time addressing special interests requested by students.

Although training is normally held at our corporate offices in Los Alamos, New Mexico, you can make special arrangements to provide training at your site. In addition, if you have four or more employees to train and wish to train them here at Vista, you can request a class at a time other than the regularly scheduled classes. Let us know what works best for you, and we'll try to accommodate you.

For more information about Vsystem training, complete this form, or to register for an upcoming class send us this completed form. We require a minimum of four students to hold a class; classes with fewer than four registered students will be cancelled. Each class is tentative until there are 4 or more registered students or two weeks before the class when a definite decision will be communicated.

Current schedule of classes:

March 28-Apr 1, 2016
Sept 5 - Sep 9 , 2016

Please contact Vista for additional dates

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