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Vaccess is the core of the Vsystem architecture. It is a user-extendable, real-time, in-memory database and library of access routines. Vaccess holds and transmits data and functions as an event-driven bus, providing notification of change upon request.

Vaccess maintains a responsive, secure, memory-resident data description of your facility. From ASCII text files, a GUI or by software, Vsystem generates a real-time database configured for your application. You can divide the database into many databases distributed among the computers of the system. Additionally, you can have a mix of computers running supported operating systems in the network, and they can all access the database. Security can be controlled per database or per channel. In a distributed, networked environment, although a database resides on only one computer, all other computers in the network have access to that single copy. Optionally, events generated from that database update remote applications with significant changes, ensuring efficient use of computing resources.

You can construct systems from small, easily defined, tested modules. In essence, Vsystem breaks complexity down into manageable pieces.

Features of Vaccess:

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