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Experienced Vsystem Integrators

Industrial Process Support Services, Inc.

IPSS has supplied Vsystem-based solutions for integrated and mini-mill customers in the steel industry (e.g., Nucor, CSI, Bethlehem). IPSS has developed special code on top of Vsystem to allow length-based trending, high-speed trend analysis, coil-based historical data filing and retrieval, and an integrated process alarm package allowing them to market custom HMI solutions and Data Analysis Systems.

IPSS supplies hot-rolling-mill mathematical models for conventional Level 2 computer system designs, high-speed control systems for gage and looper control, and hot-rolling-mill process consulting to the metals industry. In addition, they have developed special interface products to communicate to legacy GE, Siemens, and Toshiba controllers to permit incremental replacements of computer systems.

Hytec Electronics Ltd.

Hytec supplies complete turnkey system projects developed from the client's specification or Hytec's design. Their software development, hardware expertise and system integration skills have enabled them to develop solutions for nuclear power stations, high-energy lasers, proton synchrotron machines and power generation utilities.

Integrated Process Automation and Control Technologies, Inc.

IPACT is a system integrator and engineering company specializing in factory process automation. IPACT provides custom automation systems, such as programmable controllers, instrumentation systems, supervisory computer systems, and facility coordination systems. IPACT provides engineering services for functional analysis and staff support for customer project teams. IPACT provides engineering services for writing device drivers for custom I/O boards. We are also proficient in process-related disciplines ranging from mathematical process modeling and control system design to statistical quality control. IPACT develops and sells products to support the computer integration of process control systems. IPACT has process knowledge in metals, automotive, food, material handling, and petrochemicals.

Management Science Associates, Inc.

Management Science Associates has worked on a number of systems that involved the integration of Vsystem, specific to the metals industry. Management Science Associates is considered a valuable system integration partner for Vista Control Systems software.

The Pyromet Division of Management Science Associates, Inc. provides instrumentation, PLC, supervisory, and inter-facility automation systems to various process-related industries.

The company's services include numerical optimization, statistical analysis and thermochemical modeling. Management Science Associates also has products directed to BOF or electric furnace melting, refining vessels, chemical laboratory, casters, heating furnace, and rolling mill automation and reporting.

Management Science Associates's Materials Management System is a fully integrated software package for the metals industry, and includes least-cost charge design, final-alloy additions, inventory control, purchasing optimization, management reporting, materials forecasting, and process control.

Moog Broad Reach, Inc.

Founded in 1997, Moog Broad Reach produces spaceflight hardware and software solutions, integrating vehicle design, component design and engineering services for aerospace, scientific, commercial and military customers on four continents.

Imperium Solutions

Imperium Solutions is a registered engineering firm with broad-based experience in multiple disciplines. They include engineers and technical tradesmen who can provide a wide scope of technical services, and they pride themselves in dedicating their attention to the task at hand.

The scope of their experience covers the spectrum of controls related tasks ranging from initial design, to PLC programming, to on-going project management, to full service start-up and commissioning capabilities.

SZABO Software Engineering UK Ltd

Szabo Software Engineering Ltd is a specialist Concept Automation business with a track record of delivering successful projects in a variety of industries.

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