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Vista Maintenance Policy

To service the various needs of our customers, we have two types of maintenance contracts available. The first is the Vsystem Standard Maintenance and Support Service and the second is the Vsystem Custom Maintenance Agreement. These contracts are available to all Vsystem users upon the purchase of any Vsystem component or at a later date through direct negotiation with Vista Control Systems®, Inc.

Vsystem Standard Maintenance Support Service:

There are three major components to the Vsystem Standard Maintenance Support Service:

Standard Technical Software Support consists of direct interaction between a customer and our development engineering team to resolve a specific software condition. This interaction can take place by phone, fax, e-mail, web, or remote and/or direct connection to the customer's computer system. This service is intended to provide assistance to our customers on routine questions with respect to the use of our products. Our personnel are available on business days from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm, New Mexico time (Mountain Time)*.

*Extended Technical Software Support for "7 by 24 by 365" is available as a purchasable option to the standard coverage defined above.

Automatic Upgrade to new versions of Vsystem, with right-to-use these new versions and media and documentation support, consists of shipments of new releases of Vsystem as they are available to market to all customers under maintenance agreements. This will include all release notes and online versions of revised documentation. Printed versions of the revised manuals must be purchased or maintained separately. These shipments will continue for as long as the maintenance agreement is maintained in good standing.

The Base Operating System Maintenance Matrix is the Vista Control Systems®, Inc., statement of which combinations of versions of Vsystem and versions of operating systems are included in the Standard Maintenance Support Services defined here. This matrix is included in the management guide and the release notes, and is updated with the shipment of every new version of Vsystem. Versions not covered by the BOSMM can be supported through a Vsystem Custom Maintenance Agreement.

Many of the new features of Vsystem are based upon the evolving software technologies in the later versions of the base operating systems. Because of this, and because of our continued commitment to all of our customers, we have not discontinued maintenance support for older, vendor-obsolete versions, but have had to modify our standard maintenance support contract to include the following Base Operating System Maintenance Matrix. For versions of base operating systems and Vsystem versions not listed in the BOSMM, please contact Vista to discuss a Vsystem Custom Maintenance Agreement.

Base Operating System Maintenance Matrix

Base Operating System Version # Vsystem Version Supported  Type of Support
OpenVMS Alpha 7.1 and up* 4.3 Standard
  7.1, 7.2 4.2 Standard
  6.2, 7.0, 7.1 2.7, 3.1A, 4.1 Custom
OpenVMS VAX 7.1 and up* 4.3 Standard
  4.2 Standard
  6.2, 7.0, 7.1 2.7, 3.1 A,  4.1 Custom
OpenVMS Itanium 8 and up* 4.3 Standard
VAXeln 4.4, 4.5, 4.6 2.6 Custom
Linux kernel 2.4 and up* 4.3  Standard
  2.2, 2.4 4.2  Custom
Windows NT 4.0 SP3, SP4 4.2, 4.3 Standard
  4.0 SP3 4.0 C, 4.1 Custom
Windows 2000 SP3 4.2, 4.3 Standard
Windows XP   4.2, 4.3 Standard
Windows Vista   4.3 Standard
Windows 7   4.3 Standard
Solaris 2.8, Sun OS 8 and up* 4.3 Standard
  2.6 4.2 Standard
  2.5 3.1 A Custom

* We strongly suggest that before committing to an operating system or Vsystem upgrade, customers contact Vista support to review plans and discuss any known issues.

A Note About VMS 7.3

VMS 7.3 is not listed in the BOSMM as supported for Vsystem 4.2; however, Vista will answer support questions and run point tests for any customer problems encountered on VMS 7.3. If we find a Vsystem bug, we'll fix it.

Vsystem Maintenance Support—Sample Options:

For your current and future planning assistance, we have developed the following sample maintenance options available to you. These are not intended to be an all-inclusive listing, but only an example of the flexibility and creativity available to you through your working relationship with Vista Control Systems®, Inc. Please contact us to explore any of the following, or to design a specific variant to your needs.

You intend to stay current with both Vsystem and the underlying operating system:

You intend to keep your Vsystem current but update your version of the underlying operating system much less frequently:

You intend to freeze your versions of Vsystem and the underlying operating system for a considerable period of time:

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