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Vista Control Systems Vsystem is a collection of comprehensive, real-time, networked process control software tools known for performance and scalability, openness, support and training, and cross-platform/cross-version application.

Is Vsystem right for you?

It is the initial decisions of a project that greatly influence the project success both short-term and long-term.   Too often the long-term view of the project requirements turn out to be too restrictive.  This is an expensive mistake to make.  One should choose solutions to carry you to the vision - not just to take the first step.

Of course, the vision is defined by the project and the environment of that project.  For some it is broad coverage of data, say a whole plant, as a single system.  For others, extremely high speed data is required to characterize the process and the associated equipment.  Some projects require an open solution to easily accommodate new production algorithms, communication with other systems, or other unforeseen requirements

Vsystem offers:

  • Unlimited I/O - no unexpected upgrades to buy

  • Extreme historian (Vlogger) performance limited only by the hardware - ensures the data represents the process

  • Wide open architecture

  • Open data and application interfaces

In addition, Vista's Vsystem offers:

  • Your choice of operating systems, mix and match

  • Excellent support

  • Protection with a software key, VLS - no small, easily lost dongles

  • Server licenses with unlimited I/O and unlimited users

  • Published single-user licenses are also with unlimited I/O.

The Benefits of Good Data

More Details about Vsystem...

Vista's Vsystem comprises the following components:

  • Vaccess a networked, user-extendable, real-time database and library of access routines. Unique, event-driven architecture results in superior performance, speed, scalability, manageability, and security.

  • Vdraw a rich, full-featured graphical user interface with automatic connection to Vaccess, the real-time database.

  • Valarm an interactive, configurable alarming tool that signals warnings and alarms, both audibly and visually. Uses custom lists of channels to set priorities and report alarms anywhere on the system--locally or globally.

  • Vlogger a client/server logging tool that can archive large quantities of  data at sub-millisecond rates.

  • Vtrend a history and trending tool for viewing archived data graphically.

  • Vscript a high-level scripting language that interfaces transparently with Vaccess.

  • Vscan an active connection between Vaccess and I/O hardware, allowing for easy customization.

  • Vczar an active agent that serves as the Vsystem network task manager and allows applications and users to control databases in a network environment.

Updated Jan 5, 2010