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Create simple screens in minutes, complex screens in hours. With our graphics tool kit, Vdraw, our users create simple or sophisticated data acquisition and control screens with automatic connections to Vaccess. Vdraw is fully integrated with the Vaccess database, which makes control tool features easy to define. In execution, Vdraw is optimized for performance.

You can create Vdraw screens interactively, testing and changing them without process impact. Vdraw supports many simultaneous windows.

Among Vdraw's rich set of features:

  • Full-featured drawing package--easy and intuitive to use

  • Import pictures/drawings from other packages

  • Eighteen control tools, including text, bars, strip charts, graphs, plots, meters, menus, buttons and many more, to automatically display data and control the process.

  • Extensive control of screens through the Vaccess database

  • Integrated with all the fields of Vaccess

  • User-written code can be executed in the context of Vdraw

  • One copy of Vdraw manages any number of windows or a display in a mix of draw mode and run mode

  • Many run-time options, including the ability to limit access to editing windows

  • High-performance display

  • Versions native to Microsoft Windows and Xwindows

  • Display tools support I/O error bit for Vaccess, ensuring that operators are aware of data with I/O problems

Updated Jan 5, 2010