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Press Release

Mission-Critical SCADA on OpenVMS

Success of first customer application on HP Itanium server

Los Alamos, February 15th. 2007 After implementing mission-critical systems on Windows-based computers for many years, a customer experienced a virus in one of these systems that shut down production for two days while the infected systems were diagnosed, restored and tested. The impact was that plant production was severely impacted at no small cost. Despite internal opposition because of the established standard, Vsystem on HP Itanium servers running OpenVMS was chosen for the next system to be replaced.

Very recently, this system was commissioned with no errors found and with excellent performance - one of the smoothest installations known. The heightened scrutiny of this project has made this significant success especially visible.

Customers have also proved that the better a production system is instrumented, the better the plant can be operated, increasing productivity and quality. In addition, problems can be successfully diagnosed and corrected when the historian holds an excellent data record of the period leading up to and through the problem. This invariably requires that the operating system have excellent determinism to capture fast data. OpenVMS on Itanium has been proven to meet this requirement.

Mission-critical applications require rock-solid 365/24 operation. The costs of any down-time far out-weigh any initial savings of using Windows-based computer systems let alone the additional costs of on-going security upgrades and other security costs are considered. Vsystem has supported OpenVMS for over 18 years and other operating systems for over 15 years.

Vista Control Systems, headquartered in Los Alamos , New Mexico , is a provider of multiplatform, high-performance SCADA and process control software tools for commercial and government applications. Vista focuses its product on the process control, research, and test-stand application areas, where stable, high-performance SCADA systems are required. This includes the diverse global industries of automotive and aerospace, as well as the process industries of metals, petrochemicals, oil and gas, and power generation, along with world-renowned research facilities.


For more information about Vsystem and Vista Control Systems, Inc., please explore our web site at  "Vista Control Systems" and "Vsystem" are registered trademarks of Vista Control Systems, Inc.  The remaining names are the trademarks of others.

Updated Aug 21, 2008